Sheffield High School PTA


FOSH has now become the new Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for the School.  We have changed the name from FOSH to make the PTA more all-embracing and to encourage more parental involvement.

The PTA is made up of the Heads of both the Junior and Senior schools, staff and parents who represent all the different year groups throughout the school.  We aim to have at least one, preferably two, parents from each year group. 

We meet once a term to discuss possible fund-raising and social events.  We also agree with the Heads of both the Junior and Senior School what items we should consider raising funds for via a wish list. 


We have two main aims:-

1. To organise fund-raising events to purchase extra items for the school that are not covered by fees or have been given a low priority by the Trust.

2. To organise social events for both parents and families to enable both parents and staff to meet in more relaxed environments.


PTA Committee Officers

Chair - Andrew Smith

Vice-Chair Nicola Rose   (

Secretary -Taryn Sanders (

Treasurer - Nicola Rose   (

PTA Committee - Form Representatives

Reception  - 
Year 1  -   TBA
Year 2   -  Mehreen M Khan / Shweta Mitter
Year 3   -  Nicola Rose / Trayn Sanders
Year 4   -  Seemeen Radadtz / Sue Wadsworth
Year 5  -   Danielle Fearne / Carolyn Lumb
Year 6  -   Joanne Wilson
Year 7  -   Andrea Murphy
Year 8  -   Jane McGregor-Jones
Year 9  -   Sally Moore
Year 10  -  Andrea Murphy
Year 11  -  Heather Bower
Year 12  - TBA

Year 13  - TBA

PTA Committee  - Staff Representatives

Valerie Dunsford

Chris Hald

Iain Kane

Ellie Pilling

Jane McGregor-Jones

Would you like to join the PTA?

The PTA is always keen to recruit new members and if you are interested in joining us please contact Nicola Rose on   The work of the PTA reps is not unduly onerous and you can simply help by volunteering to help out at various PTA events if you have the time.