Sheffield High School Foundation

The Sheffield High School Foundation is the means by which former pupils, former staff, parents, staff and friends are able to make philanthropic gifts to the school to enrich the lives of our pupils and ensure that future generations of girls from all backgrounds have the opportunity to be educated at Sheffield High School.

To download a leaflet about the Sheffield High School Foundation, please click here.

Sheffield High School has a rich history of philanthropy and providing girls with the best possible education.  Just ten years after the school was founded in 1878, the school produced its first magazine. One of the pupils wrote: “Our lives have been made brighter, better, and more helpful to others by the influence of Sheffield High School”.Donate Now

In 1880, the school’s first headmistress, Mrs Woodhouse, founded the first Scholarship Assistance Fund and the tradition of supporting our girls remains to this day.

The Sheffield High School Foundation replaces the school’s existing Annual Fund. All donations made to the Annual Fund now go to the Sheffield High School Foundation for the same areas of need.

Philanthropic gifts to the Sheffield High School Foundation are directed to two areas of need -

The Bursary Fund

Ensuring that talented and academically gifted girls from all backgrounds have access to an education at Sheffield High School is integral to the school’s vision and ethos. The Bursary Fund provides part and full bursaries to girls from across the city and region irrespective of race, religion or social background. Several pupils at the school already have their places funded through our bursary scheme but every year bright, talented pupils are turned away as there isn’t sufficient funding to support them all. Gifts from our supporters and friends will ensure that we are able to provide more assisted places for girls in the future.

The Projects Fund

Ensuring that fees remain as low as they can be to make a GDST education affordable to as many pupils as possible remains a priority at Sheffield High School.  However, there are often many projects which enrich the life of pupils that we are unable to fund from fee income alone.  These range from offering state of the art facilities and equipment to providing girls with new opportunities to develop skills outside the classroom.  Help from parents, alumni, former staff and friends will enable the school to continue to provide these extras to ensure that the girls are getting the most out of their time at school.

Our Current Project

September 2015 saw the opening of our new Cookery Room – a facility which is enabling girls of all ages to enjoy and develop their cookery skills. We are so greatful to all of our parents, alumni and friends who have made a donation to the Cookery Room project. There is still more equipment on the 'wish list'. To make a donation visit the Projects Fund page.

Visit the Make a Donation page for details of how to make a gift to the Sheffield High School Foundation.

To download a leaflet about the Sheffield High School Foundation, please click here

Thank you to all our friends who are already supporting our girls through the Sheffield High School Foundation. Your donations are making a huge difference across the school.