Giving Back to the Community

“The School’s ethos of service to the local community is strong.” - ISI Inspection Report

At Sheffield High School, we firmly believe that we offer much, both to our local and more distant communities.

As part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, we are proud to provide an excellent standard of education, not only to those who pay full fees, but also to those who, without financial help from the School and other charities, would not be able to benefit from what we offer.

The ‘question and answer’ text which follows gives an indication of the extent of our public benefit –


Does the school receive any funding from individuals for additional assistance to pupils? 
Yes, former pupils, parents and friends donate through the school’s Sheffield High School Foundation.

Does the school receive any funding from charities or other grant-making bodies for additional assistance to pupils?
The School has links with a range of local and national educational trusts and grant-making bodies which provide fee assistance for some of our pupils. Between 15% and 20% of our pupils receive assistance with fees through our bursary and scholarship schemes.


Is the school involved in an Independent and State Schools Partnership?
We are now involved in our third Independent and State Schools Partnership which promotes the study of Science in the 14–19 age group. This project is jointly funded by ISSP and by Sheffield University and we are the lead school in the partnership.

Our previous ISSP project, working with Sixth Forms throughout South Yorkshire, was to encourage more students to apply to Oxford or Cambridge Universities. This was fully funded by ISSP for two years and is now funded by all the schools taking part at a cost of approximately £500 per year per school.

Is the school involved in other structured partnerships?
This year we have entered into a partnership with Silverdale School, a local state comprehensive school and Sheffield City Council has also agreed this year to provide 50% funding for a child in care to attend Sheffield High School.

Does the school hold any joint events with maintained schools? 
There is an annual Joint Oxbridge conference for pupils and parents as part of our Oxbridge Aim Higher project. Students from maintained schools join in our Oxbridge Interview Workshop.

Does the school organise any trips with maintained schools?
Visits to Oxford and Cambridge Universities are organised with other Sixth Forms as part of the Oxbridge Aim Higher Project.

Does the school organise any competitions with joint schools?
Sheffield High School hosts the Sheffield Federation for School Sports netball and trampolining competitions. We also organise an annual Jubilee Netball Coaching Day and Movement Day for pupils from independent and maintained primary schools.

Is the school involved in shadowing programmes for staff with maintained schools?

Is the school involved in mentoring programmes with staff at maintained schools?
Our Director of Studies has advised a Primary School in Penistone on teaching and learning strategies to help improve Key Stage 2 Maths results. The PE Department has organised ‘Sharing Good Practice’ sessions for teachers of A-level PE. The Economics Department, with the University of Sheffield, hosts regular forums for other local teachers of Economics. The Assistant Head at All Saints Roman Catholic High School recently attended our Staff Training Day on use of Virtual Learning Environments. Staff from the Key Stage 3 Inclusion Services have visited our award-winning Art Department to share ideas on technology and design projects.

Is the school involved in mentoring or ‘buddying’ programmes for pupils at maintained schools?
Yes, we have links with King Edward VII School on training Sixth Formers as Peer Educators for PSHE lessons and with Sheffield University on training students to help with Sex and Relationship Education in PSHE.

Do the school’s senior pupils (where applicable) work with any local maintained primary schools? 
Yes, through the Year 11 Work Experience Programme and as part of our Wednesday afternoon Enrichment Programme.

Does the school offer access to maintained schools to spare places in classes for shortage or specialist subjects?
Currently in Latin, Classical Studies and Further Maths.

Do school staff go into maintained schools to teach?
Yes. This is done on a voluntary basis by staff.

Do you offer maintained school pupils access to careers advice? (Seminars, events, placements etc…)
We regularly have pupils from maintained schools on work experience placements in our Junior Department.

Do you offer maintained school pupils access to higher education advice?
Yes. Through the ISSP Oxbridge project.


Is the school involved in formal Teacher Training Consortia programmes?
We regularly take students from Sheffield and Hallam Universities on PGCE placements.

Does the school co-operate with maintained schools in relation to training or professional development?
Sheffield Hallam PE PGCE students work with our Year 7 students on a House Challenge competition.


Do you offer after school/Saturday activities to your community (Open Door activities)?
We run a Mandarin course for parents and the local community one evening a week.

Do you offer master classes?
A vocal master class with Mary King was offered to local schools.

Do you offer access to your before and after school care?
Anyone in the local community can use our Breakfast Club facility.

Do you allow charities to use your facilities?
Facilities are available either free of charge, partly discounted or are charged on a full cost basis.


Has the school raised any monies for other charities?
Over £18,000 is raised annually for a wide range of local and global charities. The School has been given an award in two consecutive years for being the top group fundraiser for the Sheffield Half Marathon (£2,600 raised last year).

Do you have a partnership with an overseas school of a charitable/public benefit nature?

This academic year 2016-17 sees the development of a new and exciting venture with a link to a school in Delhi, India.  Mrs Dunsford led a visit there in February 2017 and we will be fundraising to support the girls in this school with resources like stationery and books. Some of our older girls wil be carrying out vountary work in the school there. Fundraising for this will be ongoing as we see what the needs are and how best to respond.

Do you operate a fair trade scheme?
All our tea, coffee, sugar and bananas are fair trade.

Do the School’s Duke of Edinburgh or Young Enterprise awards involve any specific public benefit?
Yes, through the community service element of the award.


Is the school involved in any environmental projects?

Sheffield High School for Girls is proud to have been awarded the environmental ‘Green Flag’ for the third time from the Eco-Schools Scheme in Autumn 2016.

To maintain our ‘Green Flag’ status, we have continued to make a positive contribution to various aspects of the environment including recycling, raising awareness of environmental issues, improving energy efficiency in school and working to improve local spaces.

Our mission statement is “to promote environmentally friendly behaviour in school and beyond”.


Do the school’s pupils work in retirement homes/charities or similar organisations?
Approx 75% (134 students) of our Sixth Form students are involved in voluntary work in retirement homes, local hospices, hospitals, nurseries, Riding for the Disabled, charity shops, animal shelters etc. Since 2006 we have also had girls volunteering with ASSIST, running conversation classes in English for asylum seekers and refugees.

Our Infant and Junior pupils entertain the residents of Lifestyle House (a local retirement complex) and Broomgrove Nursing Home at Christmas each year and the residents are also invited to attend afternoon music concerts at school. The school’s Chamber Choir and Sixth Form Choir give recitals at Sheffield Cathedral, in local hospitals and at Whirlow Farm, free of charge to the public.

Does your school make its archives available to the public?
The school archives are available to anyone who wishes to access them. We regularly supply copies of documents / photographs to former students and to the local history group.

Do you donate resources e.g. books, computers etc… to maintained sector schools?
We donate unwanted text books and computers to schools in Kenya.