SHINE at Sheffield High

During the autumn and winter of 2011-2012 the SHINE@SheffieldHigh project first started operating on Saturday mornings at Sheffield High School. This is a multi-year project and the second season has been even more sucessful.

”Many thanks once again for delivering SHINE to our pupils. They have certainly grown in confidence and self-belief and have shown greater engagement in their learning this year. You are all wonderful!” Local Head Teacher

What is SHINE?

SHINE – Support and Help in Education – was founded in March 1999. A leading educational charity with a focus on social mobility through education, SHINE's mission is to support additional educational initiatives which encourage children and young people to raise their achievement levels.

The SHINE Programme
At the end of the programme, more than thirty Year 5 pupils from primary schools all over Sheffield enjoyed a rousing final day to round off their SHINE programme “Serious Fun on Saturdays” at Sheffield High School. This was the culmination of an 11-week series of Saturday morning lessons, which saw the pupils experience 18 school subjects in a different light.

The first session was Drama and English. This was designed to enable the children to get to know each other, capture their imagination and extend their language skills. Other sessions included “Bouncing with Sir Isaac Newton” in PE and Physics, “Oozing Volcanoes” in geology, “Video Editing” in ICT, Russian, African Drumming in Music, Critical Thinking, “Talking like the Ancient Romans” in Latin, “Who Dunnit?” in Science and Psychology, Relief Printing in Art, “Why what you see is not what you get!!” in Philosophy, “Getting Ready for London 2012” in Business, “It’s a puzzler!” in Maths, an introduction to Chinese, “Eggtastic!” in Science and a treasure hunt in Geography.

Specialist Staff from the High School led the sessions and were very ably assisted by a group of volunteers from the School’s sixth form. They helped to get to know the pupils and to make the experience for them all the more exciting and rewarding.

“In recent years, Sheffield High School has increasingly worked in partnership with local state schools,” said Sheffield High School’s SHINE Co-ordinator, Susan Good. “The SHINE project has provided an opportunity to extend our involvement and to forge yet closer links with local state primaries.”

“The aim of the SHINE project was to deepen the Year 5 pupils’ understanding and to motivate them to want to learn more and to attempt to further their educational development by stimulating their intellectual curiosity. We achieved this through a programme of innovative and fun, but focussed, lessons.”

“Our own Year 12 mentors have undoubtedly put the icing on the cake for this project. The girls have been grateful for the opportunities which the project has offered them for their own personal development and it is gratifying for them to know that they have so impressed everyone with the way in which they’ve carried out their responsibilities.”

“All teachers, parents and children have repeatedly commented on the kind, encouraging and patient approach of their mentors and it is this more than any other factor which has ensured that the project has had such a successful outcome. SHINE at Sheffield High really did prove to be a ‘Win, Win’ for all – and headteachers in local schools are already booking their places for next year!”

Commenting on the SHINE project at Sheffield High School, Headmistress Valerie Dunsford said: “It has been very rewarding to see how the children have developed in confidence as the weeks have gone by. The activities have stretched and challenged them and it has been wonderful to see them enjoying their learning so much. The project has certainly fulfilled its aim of providing ‘Serious Fun’ on Saturdays!”

Just some of the comments from the final day -

“My fave thing was – I thought I would never say this, but maths and treasure hunting. P.S. I will miss it loads.” – SHINE participant

“Absolutely brilliant project which has engaged the children beautifully and developed them in so many ways! Thanks for everyone’s extremely hard work.” – Teacher at a local school

“Sheffield High School Shine Project = PERFECT. My daughter will miss it sooo much. Thanks.” – Parent

“(Pupil’s name) and our school have loved the whole SHINE Project. As a shy young man, his teacher tells me he is now far more animated in class. He has gained confidence over the weeks and always comes home smiling. I think he will miss his Saturday morning fun!” – Parent

“The mentors are great!” – SHINE participant

“I enjoyed every bit of it. I love Sheffield High School. PS I will miss it!” – SHINE participant

“I think this has been a life-changing experience that (pupil's name) has taken away with her. It has given her confidence which she was in need of, so a great big ‘thank you’ to everyone involved – it is appreciated.” – Parent

“SHINE has been so rewarding, we’ve loved every minute, loved the SHINE mentors”

“Great fun!” – SHINE participant

“I thought that these 11 weeks were amazing and I enjoyed them. Thank you. SHINE – I love SHINE.” – SHINE participant

“This school is AMAZING” – SHINE participant

“Thank you for letting my daughter experience new things.” – Parent

“Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience for our girls. They are elevated! Their self esteem has just grown dramatically and you have shown them what they can aspire to. Perfect!” – Head of local school

“I liked eggtastic because it was fun and enjoyable. I’ve had fun!” – SHINE participant

“What a rewarding time to see the children enjoying as well as learning. Thank you for the brilliant work.”

“My daughter has had a fantastic time. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you – she has changed and is now more confident. Hopefully in the near future my other daughter will get the opportunity to do the SHINE project. Once again, thank you.” – Parent

“(Pupil's name)’s self esteem has improved, as has his attitude to learning and to extra-curricular activities in general. Although he missed his ‘Saturday lie-ins’, he has enjoyed attending very much. A wonderful project, which should be extended to more children. Thanks very much.” – Parent

“I loved it.” – Mentor

“SHINE has been amazing!!”