FAQs for Parents

These are just some of the questions you may have if you are considering Sheffield High School for your daughter. If you have questions not shown below, please give us a ring on (0114) 266 0324 – we’ll be happy to help.

Will my daughter be offered a place?

We currently have a limited number of places available in most year groups. Please ask for our Registrar, Louise Froggatt, on (0114) 266 0324 to enquire about availability.

Will she have to take an entrance test?

For entry into Reception, please contact the Head of the Junior School. There are no formal assessments at this age. If you require entry to the Junior School at a later stage, your daughter can spend a day with us as a ‘Taster’. She will gain a feel for the school and whether it is right for her. During this time she will also have an assessment. For younger pupils, this is often done in the classroom as part of the day’s routine. Older pupils will be assessed in Reading and Maths; the aim of this assessment is to find out what your daughter can do and takes place in an informal one-to-one situation.

When can she come for a Taster Day?

This can be arranged for any day of the week at a time which is most convenient to you and your daughter. We can usually let you know how your daughter has done at the end of that day.

How big are the classes?

In the Infants, our class sizes are very small, with a maximum of 18 girls. In the Juniors, class sizes average 22 girls. We have two forms in each year group.

When could my daughter start?

If places are available in her year group, she could start immediately or, if you prefer, she could start at the beginning of a term.

How much are the fees?

For details of current fees in the Junior School, please see our fees page. Junior fees include most extra-curricular activities and all sport which is run by school staff. Lunches are extra and there is also an additional charge if your daughter wishes to stay until 6.15pm for After School Club.

How much homework is my daughter likely to get?

Infant pupils have a small amount of Reading or Maths homework on 2 or 3 nights per week. Between Years 3 and 6, girls have up to 40 minutes homework on up to 4 nights of the week. This includes, English, Maths, Science and Humanities. Regular reading at home is encouraged.

What extra-curricular activities could my daughter do?

Almost anything you could imagine! As all our sports facilities are on site (Sports Hall, Astroturf, gym, dance studio, netball and tennis courts) she can take part in a range of sports activities. There are also lots of opportunities for keen musicians and there are many other clubs and activities.

What time does School start and finish?

The school day runs from 8.30am to 3.30pm but she can be on site any day from 7.30am in the Breakfast Club and till 6.15pm if she is in the Teatime Club/After School Club (for a small charge).

Is there school transport?

Yes, from many areas in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire. For more information, please click here.

How will I know if the School is right for my daughter?

First of all, come and have a look round to get a feel of the School and to see the School in action. You’ll be able to meet some of our girls and teachers. It’s then a good idea for your daughter to come and spend a taster day or two with us, so that she can get to know the other girls and experience what Sheffield High School is really like.

When do I have to make up my mind?

We will never put any pressure on you to make up your mind. Choosing the right school for your daughter is a very important decision. Once her place has been offered, we will give you several weeks to make your decision.

To find out more or if you have further questions, please e-mail the Head of the Junior School Mr Chris Hald, or phone either him or our Registrar, Louise Froggatt on (0114) 266 0324.

Visits can be arranged any day of the week at a time convenient for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you.

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