FAQs for Girls

Will I make friends?

Of course! You can feel a bit nervous, starting a new school. At Sheffield High School, everyone does their best to help you settle in. At first, you will be introduced to a ‘buddy’ in your class, who will show you where everything is and play with you. You will soon make lots of new friends.

How do I find my way around the school?

That’s where your buddy can help. She will go with you to different lessons and show you where everything is. You can also ask anyone else if you need help.

Is there a choice of meals at lunchtime?

Yes! Although all girls in the Junior School take school lunches in the Dining Hall, there is a wide choice every day. For instance, you could choose from a hot vegetarian or hot meat/fish main course, or a vegetarian or meat salad, if you prefer. There is a hot pudding, or yoghurt, or fruit for dessert. The menus change every day in a three week cycle.

Is there homework?

Yes. The amount of time you can expect to spend on it depends upon how old you are, e.g. Year 2 would spend about 20 minutes three times each week and Year 5 would spend about 40 minutes four times each week.

What clubs can I join?

There are a number of lunchtime and after-school clubs that you can join. We offer a range of sporting, artistic and other activities and you can do different things in different year groups.

Will the teachers be strict?

Teachers expect every girl to do her best, so it is important to do all your work as well as you can. Remember, teachers are there to help you!

How long are the breaks?
What time does school start and finish?

School starts at 8.30am and finishes at 3.30pm (3.15pm for Reception and Year 1). There is a 20-minute break in the morning and an hour for lunch. Infants also have a 15-minute break each afternoon.

Can I use a mobile phone?

No, but the office staff will make a call for you in an emergency.

Can I have music lessons at school?

You will have weekly lessons with your class; in addition you can also have instrumental lessons (see Fees).

What happens if I feel ill while I’m at school?

There is a medical room and the school nurse will be able to help you.

What happens if I’m late?
What should I do if I am away from school?
What can I do if I don’t know anyone before I come to Sheffield High School?
I haven’t done my homework, what should I do?
Where do I go if I have a problem?
What if I have trouble making friends?
What if I can’t cope with the work?
Who will I sit next to?

All these questions will be answered for you by form teachers. They will help you to deal with any problems you might have such as leaving a book a home or which extra-curricular activities to choose. They will also help you to make friends.