Residential Visits

Sixth form students are able to take advantage of a variety of residential visits, both at home and abroad.  Some are subject-related, while others are open to all.  Some visits are offered exclusively to Sixth Form students, while others are open to a wider age group of girls.

Here are some examples of recent residential educational visits -

Study/Cultural/Sports/Activity Visits

  • China
  • Overseas Sports Tours
  • Sixth Form Choir Visit to Cologne
  • Chamber Choir Visit to Paris
  • Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards (UK)
  • Debating (UK)
  • USA

Subject-Related Visits

  • Spanish Exchange to Palma, Majorca
  • Art Museums Visit to London
  • Geography and Geology Fieldwork Visits to Cranedale, Snowdonia, London and the Dearne Valley
  • Religious Studies/Italian Visit to Rome
  • Business Studies Visit to New York