How the School is managed

The school's operations are managed by a Senior Leadership Team under the direction of the headmistress.  She is accountable for the performance of the school to both a local and a national governing body.

The local governing body consists of a variety of people with a rich diversity of experience and expertise who willingly give of their time to support the school.  The national governing body consists of a separate group of members who are appointed by the school's parent organisation, the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST). The GDST Chair of Trustees is Juliet Humphries.

Local Governing Body

Chairman of Governors

Mr M Greenshields FCA


  • Mrs S Cass MSc, PgCert (Management), PgCert (Leadership)
  • Mr J Cheung
  • Ms L Connelly BSc (Hons)
  • Mr D Farmery
  • Miss J Goodwin BSc
  • Dr R Kacker BSc, MBChB, DDAM, DChMRCGP
  • Mr M Stevenson
  • Mrs M Stockley
  • Mr C Stoddard MD, FRCS
  • Mrs Daphne Cawthorne
  • Mr Jon Dunn

The Senior Leadership Team is made up of the following members of staff:

  • Headmistress, Mrs VA Dunsford
  • Deputy Head, Mrs S White
  • Senior Teacher (Examinations, Assessment and Extension), Mrs K Boulton-Pratt
  • Head of the Junior School, Mr C Hald
  • Director of Sixth Form, Ms C Walker
  • Assistant Head (Pastoral), Mrs A Reed
  • Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), Mrs E Rodgers
  • Director of Finance and Operations, Mr I Kane

Contact details for the Chair of Governors at the school are -

Chair of Governors, Sheffield High School, The Girls’ Day School Trust, 100 Rochester Row, London SW1P 1JP