Our Values

Values puzzle








Recently the whole school has been looking at our values and gathering students’, staff and parents’ views about what the ten values for our school should be.  We think it important to have a set of values that everyone in school agrees with and can use on a daily basis in conversations with teachers, peers and all staff.  We are grateful too for the many constructive responses from parents when we asked them to contribute to the debate.

  1. Co-operation …. meaning Collaboration, Partnership and Team Work
  2. Courage …. meaning Bravery, Mental and Moral Strength, Boldness and Risk-Taking
  3. Creativity …. meaning Originality, Imagination and Inspiration

Over the past year posters have appeared in every form room and around school on the day each of the new values was launched and students and staff have delivered assemblies highlighting how we gathered our information, what values we had all decided upon and then individual assemblies to celebrate each of our 10 values.

  1. Integrity …. meaning Honesty and Truthfulness
  2. Kindness …. meaning Helpfulness and Compassion
  3. Loyalty …. meaning Trust, Faithfulness, Allegiance and Reliability

The assemblies were a great success. Students used video clips, interviewed pupils and staff, incorporated humorous snippets from YouTube to give truly remarkable performances and presentations.

  1. Positivity …. meaning being Optimistic, Confident and Constructive
  2. Resilience …. meaning Strength, Perseverance, Determination and Grit

Following on from the assemblies, pupils and staff were engaged in activities during form time. Pupils took part in Grit Tests, Positivity Tasks and interactive assemblies. They got creative with paper clips and did honesty quizzes in their Houses.  Head of Year 8 and of PSHE, Mrs Heaton ran an excellent Values Day in the summer which the pupils really enjoyed.

  1. Respect …. meaning Courtesy, Politeness and Admiration
  2. Tolerance …. meaning Broadmindedness and Patience