Beyond the School Day

A Breakfast Club is available for pupils, families and friends to enjoy before school.  It is supervised for Junior School pupils from 7.30am and the younger pupils are then escorted by staff into school at 8.30am.

'Teatime Club', which runs until 6.15pm, is staffed by several of our own support colleagues and is offered every school day to all Junior girls; there is a wide choice of activities including games, art and craft, construction and ICT.  Whenever possible the girls spend some time playing outside.

Our own staff and external specialist coaches offer a very wide range of extra-curricular opportunities from Yoga to Mandarin and Keyboards to Netball. All girls are encouraged to stretch themselves by trying new activities.

We run activity weeks for four weeks of the school holidays, which are only open to Junior School pupils.  In addition external organisations provide specialist sessions such as sports camps and cookery clubs, using our facilities during the holidays.

Residential visitsResidential Trips

Girls from Year 3 upwards take part in a residential visit each year which are great fun and eagerly anticipated by all.  The length of time and the distance from Sheffield are increased as the girls grow older, with Year 3 having a one night stay in Castleton, Year 4 spending one night at Thornbridge, Year 5 spending two nights in Whitby and Year 6 spending three nights at Kingswood in Staffordshire.

As well as developing their independence, the Year 3, 4 and 5 trips have close links with the curriculum and the girls will spend time doing field work linked with their studies.  The Year 6 residential visit aims to further develop the girls’ teamwork and problem solving skills as well as being an exciting way to spend time together as they near the end of their Junior School experience.