Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is fundamental to fulfilling the School’s Aims, and permeates all aspects of the School structure.

The Pastoral System facilitates this in the following ways –

  • The Form Tutor gets to know about 20-25 girls as individuals and helps to steer them through all the events and developments of School life. Year 7 tutors hand over to the tutors for Year 8 and Year 9, then to the tutor for the girl’s GCSE years, liaising with –
  • The Head of Year (we have one for Year 7 and four others who take Year 8 through to Year 9 and Year 10 through to Year 11 in alternate years) , who monitors and encourages the progress and development of the year group and helps facilitate –
  • Assemblies, held regularly for different sections of the School as well as for the whole School, with the girls often playing key roles.
  • Form Groups elect Form Leaders, Eco Representatives, Charity Representatives and School Council Representatives who attend –
  • School Council, chaired by Sixth Form students, at which ideas and concerns about the School are raised, followed up, and reported back on. The Council is also consulted over curriculum changes, some staff appointments, and the –
  • Code of Behaviour, which provides the guidelines for all members of the School Community.
  • PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) lessons provide a forum for gaining and developing knowledge and understanding of the issues and values affecting girls as individuals and as members of communities.
  • SMART Target-Setting (having Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-limited targets) takes place formally twice during the year, when pupils consult with their teachers and Form Tutors. These are recorded in planners, which are also a homework diary, and a place where key information can be found.
  • Planners are also a key pathway for communication with Parents or Carers which also takes place through formal Parents’ and Consultation Evenings, School Reports, and the exchange of letters, e-mails, telephone calls and parent/staff meetings which are always welcome. ParentPlace, our online data record base, also provides a way in which parents can track attendance, minor behaviour incidents and effort rewards.
  • Special Educational Needs are identified as much as possible, intervention taken, guidance given and progress monitored. This is co-ordinated by the Head of Pastoral Care who is also our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and includes –
  • English as an Additional Language support in school and some specialist support for specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.
  • Emotional Needs are supported as much as possible, in co-operation with families and other parties and, in some cases, help can be obtained from the:
  • School Counsellor who offers a confidential service and the
  • School Nurse, who is available full-time for medical concerns and advice
  • New girls are fully supported as they settle in, whether these are new to established year groups or Year 7s arriving from other Primary Schools or from our own Junior Section who have already met at our ‘Welcome Day’ held during the previous summer term. They will have lots of practical guidance and reassurance and will be guided in how to fit homework and school activities into their other commitments. Sixth Form Prefects are attached to each Year 7 (and Year 8) form to help with this.
  • Individuals joining us at the start of any other year, or during it, soon make friends and settle in and support is given if they need to catch up with aspects of work, with timetables being adjusted if necessary. Parents are contacted about their progress after a few weeks.
  • Transition between Key Stages is fully supported, beginning with the move into Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9). A programme of activities and meetings takes place during Year 9 to help girls with the decisions about their GCSE options and, during Year 11, further exploration of possible Career Paths links into the process of beginning to make decisions about A-levels

Please do refer again to our School Aims and Values. The Pastoral system is focused on fulfilling these as happily and confidently as possible for every individual whilst remembering that, at certain times, particular individuals and groups need particular help.