• The school is a friendly place … you have no shortage of friends
    Jessica, Year 7
  • You get lots of help and attention if you don’t understand
    Megan, Year 7


Senior School FAQs

We understand that in choosing an independent school for your daughter you’ll have many considerations to make. These are just some of the questions you may have. If you have any further questions please give us a ring on 0114 358 7602 – we’ll be happy to help.

Are places likely to be available?

It depends on the year group.  Some years are full and some have a small number of places available.  Things can change termly however as families sometimes relocate mid-term.  The best thing is to contact the Registrar, Louise Froggatt, on (0114) 358 7602 to enquire about availability for the year group that your daughter would like to join.

Will she have to take an entrance test?

All girls from Year 6 upwards are asked to sit an entrance test before being offered a place. This is so that we can be sure that your daughter will be able to cope with our curriculum and that we will be able to help her to achieve her potential.

When can she take the test?

The entrance test can be taken any day of the week at a time which is most convenient to you and your daughter. We can usually let you know how your daughter has done within a day or two.

What does the entrance test involve?

For girls wanting to join Year 7, the test is similar to the KS2 SATs tests in Maths and English. It covers work your daughter is familiar with from her primary school. For girls joining Year 8 and above, the test is a Cognitive Ability Test which is a multiple-choice test and which does not require any prior preparation. We also ask your daughter’s current Headteacher to provide a reference for us so that we can compare how she has done in the entrance test with how she has been working at school.  It is also helpful for us to see a copy of your daughter’s last report from her current school.

How big are the classes?

Average teaching groups are approximately 22 in Years 7 to 9, 18 in Years 10 and 11 and 8 in the Sixth Form. In the Infant and Junior School we have two forms in each year group and in the Senior School we have four forms in Years 7 and 8, five in Years 9, 10 and 11 and six or seven tutor groups in each of years 12 and 13.

When could my daughter start?

If places are available in her year group, she could start immediately or, if you prefer, she could start at the beginning of a term.

How much are the fees?

For the latest information on the fees at our private school in Yorkshire, please see our Fees page.

How much homework is my daughter likely to get?

In the Senior School, most girls get up to one and a half hours of homework per night. There is some flexibility and most homework is not required to be completed for the following day. Girls can also stay after school and work in the School Library and one of the classrooms until 5.30pm.

What extra-curricular activities could my daughter do?

Almost anything you could imagine! As all our sports facilities are on site (Sports Hall, Astroturf, gym, dance studio, netball and tennis courts) she can take part in hockey, netball, dance, gymnastics, trampolining and badminton in the winter and tennis, rounders and athletics in the summer. If your daughter is a keen musician, she can join one of our 3 choirs, play in our orchestra, string groups or bands and can have individual music or singing lessons. If she enjoys drama, we have drama clubs for all ages and a Musical Theatre club. She can also enjoy Art Club, Science Club, Psychology, Philosophy, Debating, Chick-Knit and many other clubs and activities.

What time does School start and finish?

The school day runs from 8.30am to 3.30pm but she can be on site any day from 7.45am till 5.30pm. In the Senior School, girls can remain on site with after school care for no additional charge.

Is there school transport?

Yes, from many areas in West and South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire. For more information, please see our section Travel to School.

How will I know if the School is right for my daughter?

First of all, come and have a look round to get a feel of an independent school in Yorkshire and to see it in action. You’ll be able to meet some of our girls and teachers. It’s then a good idea for your daughter to come and spend a taster day or two with us, so that she can get to know the other girls and experience what Sheffield Girls’ is really like.

When do I have to make up my mind?

We will never put any pressure on you make up your mind. Choosing the right school for your daughter is a very important decision. Once the place has been offered, we will give you several weeks to make your decision.

My daughter has been offered a place in Year 7.  How can I help to prepare?

We have a programme of Welcome events in place for our daughter, beginning with ‘Welcome Morning’ in May with all the other new girls joining us. This gives your daughter the opportunity to meet other girls for the first time and to introduce herself. Many girls then exchange mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. Parents are then invited afterwards to an informal meeting with our Headmistress, Mrs Dunsford and Mrs Heaton, the Head of Year 7, the new form teachers and the form prefects. We also give new girls a pen friend from inside School to write to them and pen friends will normally be in School to spend the Saturday morning with new girls. In June we invite your daughter to our ‘Welcome Day’ when she will spend a whole day in her new class with her form teacher. She will have some fun lessons and see some of the teachers and will know exactly who is in her form, where she will be sitting in September and where her locker is. This really helps her to settle in straightaway in September.

My daughter comes from quite a small primary school. Will she find Sheffield Girls’ a bit overwhelming?

We don’t think so. Most of the girls who join us in Year 7 are from small primary schools (on average from 40 different primary schools each year).  Although the High School has 1000 pupils altogether the campus is divided into 3 sections (Juniors, Seniors and Sixth Form).  So in Year 7 your daughter will be in the senior section of only about 500 girls.  She will quickly get to know the girls in her year as the Year 7 classrooms are all located on the same corridor and most of her lessons will take place on that corridor.  The Sixth Form girls have a separate base and they have a lot of their lessons there.

Is there a choice of meals at lunchtime?

Yes, there is a wide choice every day. For instance, you can choose from a hot vegetarian or hot meat/fish main course, a vegetarian or meat salad, or sandwiches if you prefer. There is always a hot pudding, or yoghurt, or fruit for dessert. The menus change every day in a three week cycle. All girls in Year 7 have a school lunch in the Dining Hall. From Year 8, girls may choose a meal from the cafeteria, use the snack bar or bring their own lunch which they eat in the Dining Hall. Students in Year 11 are allowed to eat their own lunches in their tutor base in Moor Lodge. We also have a snack bar at break where you can buy toast, sandwiches and freshly baked cakes and cookies.

Got another question?

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To find out more or if you have further questions, please contact the Registrar Louise Froggatt on (0114) 358 7602.

A visit can be arranged any day of the week at a time convenient for you and your family. We look forward to seeing you.