Lunches and Snacks

Meals and refreshments are available at the Breakfast Club between 7.30am and 9.00am, during Morning Break from 11.00am and during the Lunch Break from 12.20pm.

At lunch time there are several choices of meals provided with a wide range of nutritious and balanced options, incorporating the needs of special dietary requirements. All girls from reception to Year 7 must take the compulsory meal option and parents are billed for the cost of these lunches within the fee account at the beginning of each term. Year 8 – Year 13 may also purchase a lunch within the dining room. Alternatively girls from Year 8 upwards may of course bring their own lunch and eat with the others in the dining room.

A meal deal option is available for Year 8 onwards from our upstairs dining area or main dining room, which is a very popular choice with parents as this enables them to pay on a termly basis. Please contact the school for details.

For details of our lunch menus, which run on a 3-week cycle, please click here

Healthy Eating at SHS

We are committed to providing a healthy eating environment for all our students.

We recognise that nutrition profoundly affects students’ ability to learn, develop and stay healthy and we aim to educate our students and their families by increasing their knowledge and awareness of what constitutes a healthy diet, as well as hygienic food preparation and storage. The School curriculum also supports education in healthy eating through science and PSHE lessons.

Space in our dining room and snack bar is adequate to accommodate all the pupils in pleasant surroundings and the time allowed for lunch ensures that they can enjoy eating at a pace which encourages them to appreciate the social aspects of eating.

We follow the government’s food-based standards for school lunches and food service introduced in September 2006 and 2007. These standards apply to all food served in the school canteen and in the snack bar. A wide choice is available to meet the taste preferences of our students and the views of the students regarding menu choices are taken into consideration at School Council meetings and through the school’s Catering Committee. Food preparation reflects the ethical and medical requirements of both pupils and staff.

Fresh, chilled water is available throughout the School during the school day and pupils may drink water from refillable bottles in lessons, provided that this does not constitute a health and safety risk.

We do not allow the sale of confectionery and bagged savoury snacks on School premises. Cake sales (using recipes from our Healthy Eating cook book) to raise money for nominated charities are held from time to time and are closely monitored.

Occasional treats or thank yous are acceptable, but the School discourages the giving of sweets and chocolates to pupils as rewards for good work, as prizes or in lessons during or at the end of term.