Pastoral Care

As you think about entering the Sixth Form you will already have developed a strong sense of what you want to achieve academically and personally. In joining us at Sheffield High School you can be confident that you will be surrounded by a supportive, friendly pastoral team who wish to see you succeed and will support you in each step of the next two years.

As students enter the Sixth Form we recognise the need to balance active support for each individual student as learners alongside building their confidence, resilience and independence in preparation for university.  To support students in their progress through Sixth Form, they are attached to a form group for two years. The experienced Sixth Form tutor team share an ability to forge good working relationships with students during these important final years of school.

Tutors monitor the academic progress of students, offering advice and support when necessary. They guide students through the process of applying for Higher Education courses, employment, or gap year activities. Regular communication with home continues to be an important way in which we seek to ensure that all students are supported during their time at school.

We closely monitor the well-being of our Sixth Form students and involve them in decision-making, such as developing the curriculum, social events and Sixth Form facilities.

Over 20% of students entering Sixth Form are new to the school and we offer an extended induction process over their first term, including a team building activities day, Year 13 buddy programme, form lunch, study skills course and IT induction.