Our Environmental Impact


Sheffield High School for Girls is proud to have been awarded the environmental ‘Green Flag’ for the third time from the Eco-Schools Scheme in Autumn 2016.

To maintain our ‘Green Flag’ status, we have continued to make a positive contribution to various aspects of the environment including recycling, raising awareness of environmental issues, improving energy efficiency in school and working to improve local spaces.

Our mission statement is “to promote environmentally friendly behaviour in school and beyond”.

Each form within the school has an elected eco-representative who plays and important role in keeping the schools as environmentally friendly as possible by helping with campaigns and activities, feeding back recommendations about changes within the school and helping everyone stick to the school’s Eco-Code:

In our efforts to make Sheffield Girls’ a greener environment, we ask that all of you do your bit by following these simple rules:

  • Don’t waste paper. Rule off after each piece of work
  • Switch off classroom lights when not in use
  • Always switch off computer screens after use
  • Switch off computers at the end of the day
  • Don’t litter
  • Recycle all paper

In our recent assessment from Eco-Schools the assessor was “impressed how all students from different year groups were committed to their role” as eco-reps and the range of different projects and ways to get involved. She also praised the new, innovative technology used around the school.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the few schools in the country to have been awarded green flag status for a third time,” said Sheffield High’s Eco-Schools Co-ordinator, Mrs Jennifer Dean. 

“It’s a tribute to the hard work and the innovative approach from the pupils who’ve led the way in changing systems in the school to make our work more environmentally friendly,” she added. “It has also been lovely to see the projects involving pupils across the whole school from juniors, right up to the pupils in the sixth form working together and we hope to continue our success with our new projects during the next academic year.”

Below is a summary of some of our past and current eco-projects:

Past Projects


Junior and Senior Eco Reps, proud holders of the environmental 'Green Flag' for the third time

  • Creating an ‘Eco Code’ which we ask pupils and staff to follow. The junior school version
  •  was created with help from the 6th form eco-group.
  • Placing Hippos in all of the school toilets to conserve water. These are ingenious devices which reduce the amount of water used per flush.
  • Creating the new position of Eco Rep in every form, responsible for ensuring the new paper recycling facilities are used to their fullest extent 
  • Running a junior eco club and junior gardening club supported by 6th form students
  • Creating an Eco Group notice board and holding school assemblies to keep the school updated about our progress
  • Holding regular campaigns and competitions to increase awareness of environmental issues and get the whole school involved such as Switch-Off Fortnight, Earth Hour and Helping Hands
  • Holding an annual eco-day non-uniform day and other charity events to raise money for environmental charities
  • Have our new buildings renovated to become more environmentally friendly with state of the art innovations to aid re-cycling, reduce energy consumption and respect the environment
  • Encouraged more environmentally friendly travel methods such as the Bike to Work scheme for staff and the walking bus for junior pupils
  • Made recycling much easier with paper recycling bins in all classrooms, water fountains for pupils so that plastic bottles can be re-used and paperless communication with parents using SchoolComms and the SIMs parent gateway

Current and Future Projects – Follow our progress by reading our Blog

  • Continue to monitor and reduce our energy consumption.
  • Develop links with other schools and institutions, both in the UK and internationally, to share good practice.
  • Continuing to hold an annual Eco Day to raise money for environmental charities.
  • Develop our school grounds to promote enjoyment of outdoor learning and grow more vegetables and fruit
  • Investigating renewable sources of energy for the school such as solar power.