Charitable & Community Activities

Charity at Sheffield High

Pupils and staff at Sheffield High School devote much time and energy to ensuring that the School plays its part in supporting both the local and wider communities.

Fund-raising for charitable causes is part of everyday life at the School and girls and staff regularly raise in excess of £25,000 each year through a huge range of activities.  Sometimes this figure exceeds £30,000 which we feel is a remarkable achievement for a community of around 1000 pupils and 100 staff.  The money raised goes to help local, national and overseas charities, such as the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice, Children in Need and Toybox in Latin America.

Many girls at the School also make an additional individual commitment to helping those less fortunate than themselves by volunteering within the local community, whether as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award commitment or just in order to enrich their own lives or those of others.  All our Year 12 girls undertake 20 hours volunteering either in school or in the local community.

Special Initiatives

The School is involved in a number of special programmes to support the local community -


SHINE – Support and Help in Education – is a leading educational charity with a focus on social mobility through education. SHINE's mission is to support additional educational initiatives which encourage children and young people to raise their achievement levels.

The SHINE Programme at Sheffield High
This consists of Year 5 pupils from primary schools all over Sheffield taking part in “Serious Fun on Saturdays” at the School. This is an 11-week series of Saturday morning lessons, which sees the pupils experience 18 school subjects in a different light.

 For more on this, please see our SHINE page

‘Cool to be Clever’

The School's latest initiative is 'Cool to be Clever' otherwise known as the “Aspirations and Achievement Club”.  This programme is running in association with the University of Sheffield.

The focus of the project is the identification and early intervention to support and mentor some of the brightest but most disadvantaged Year 4 children in 14 primary schools in Sheffield to enable them to maximise their potential. Exposing these pupils and their parents to opportunities which challenge their aspirations and ambition, and help them see that through education they have real choices in life.

The project will target initially 28 Year 4 children (2 per school). Year 4 children have been chosen as this age group (8-9) often sees a dip in attainment and it is also an age where aspirations can realistically be developed. The 28 selected children will meet together termly for events at Sheffield University, covering topics such as science, entrepreneurship, law, social sciences, architecture etc. Outside of the university sessions, mentoring support for the children will be provided by Year 11 students from Sheffield High School, focussing on confidence building. Edmodo will be used as an online ongoing support and mentoring forum for the children and half termly group sessions will be held at Sheffield High School.

The university-based sessions and mentor support will continue for the children throughout Years 4 to 6. An annual celebration session for the children and their parents will be held at the University or at Sheffield High School, with a graduation celebration at the end of the 3-year period

The aim, by then is that the children’s aspirations will have been cemented, parents will have confidence in university as a realistic option for their children and the attainment levels of these children will have been raised. After Year 6, the children will continue to access the university’s outreach programme for secondary age pupils which is already in place.

Bursaries for High School Pupils

Between 15% and 20% of our pupils receive assistance with fees through our bursary and scholarship schemes.  The School has links with a range of local and national educational trusts and grant-making bodies which provide fee assistance for some of our pupils.

Environment Awards

We continue to support environmental initiatives within the wider community. Since being presented with the award for “Most Environmentally-Friendly Secondary School”, jointly with Westfield School, at the Sheffield Telegraph Environment Awards in 2009, we have continued to play a part in recognising environmental achievements locally. Sheffield High School has sponsored the award for environmentally-friendly work within the community at the Telegraph Environment Awards for the last three years.

The charities which the School supports are chosen each year by the girls in School and include -

  • South Yorkshire Eating Disorders
  • Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice for young people
  • South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association
  • Peter’s Commute - supporting pupils in Zimbabwe
  • Oxfam in Kenya
  • Royal National Institute for the Blind
  • Children in Need
  • Breast Cancer Research
  • St Luke’s Hospice 
  • Sheffield Children’s Hospital
  • Alzheimers’ Society
  • World Aids Day
  • The annual Poppy Appeal
  • and support for many small local charities