Two Teen Tech Awards

Posted on: 29th June 2017

We are celebrating not one but two major triumphs in national awards this week. Lucy Pirzada in Year 10 and Clara Payne in Year 12 both won their categories in the finals of the Teen Tech awards at the Royal Society on Monday. The assessment day involved them presenting their projects on global issues before a panel of academics and industry professionals.


Lucy’s project ‘Cities at Sea’ explored solutions into the issue of rising sea levels, increasing population and industrialisation. Her design was for a self-sufficient, sustainable, mobile floating city at sea. Clara’s ‘Digestible Energy’ research project was an investigation to determine the optimum preserved forage to be fed to horses for both weight gain and loss.


Clara described why she chose her project: 'I wanted to do something in-depth that I could also talk about in university interviews for Veterinary Science' she said. 'The competition was tough, but i felt like I answered confidently and correctly.'


Mrs Boulton-Pratt, who accompanied the girls to the finals, said how impressive they were in delivering their presentations and how knowledgeably and confidently they responded to the judges’ questions.