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Beyond the Classroom

Our Junior School offers an exciting range of co-curricular activities, full of adventure and new experiences. Whether your daughter wants to try something new, or hone her skills, our co-curricular clubs welcome everyone in.

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Sports and Dance

Physical Education is a very important and popular part of life at Sheffield Girls’. All of our girls are encouraged to take part for the benefit of their health and fitness, and to learn about teamwork, fairy play, resilience and respect.

The benefits of doing sports and dance, or any physical activity at school can be a huge positive increase in mental health and wellbeing. Results have shown that taking part in physical exercise in school can have an impact on mood and a balanced lifestyle. Not only this, but it is fun and many sports increase teamwork and communication skills. Here at Sheffield Girls’ High School we offer the following:

  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Football

Junior School pupils benefit from playing and performing with older girls from the Senior School, and then become role models for our Infant School pupils.


We value creativity and skill in our school environment. Our girls take part in weekly music lessons with a specialist teacher, and have the chance to opt into individual music lessons and focus on a particular instrument. There are also opportunities to join choirs and bands, and take part in school-wide performances throughout the year.

We see our students thrive and enjoy playing instruments. Having a musical education is an important aspect of school. Our co-curricular music lessons support your daughter, allowing sessions to work in conjunction with other subjects and classes. Music lessons can improve intellectual ability, provide self-esteem and build skills for the future. We provide the following music co-curricular activities for our juniors:

  • Wind and Brass
  • Songwriting and Keyboarding Club
  • Ukulele
  • Orchestra
  • Pop choir
  • Recorder


There are plenty of opportunities for your daughter to take part in drama and performance in the Junior School. They range from timetabled Drama lessons and assemblies to full-scale productions. There are also opportunities to be involved in behind the scenes roles, including lighting and sound. The benefits of performing arts are wide-ranging. This subject helps with building confidence, and will help girls to develop their creative talents and team working skills.

Drama is known to build confidence amongst children. It encourages our pupils to collaborate as well as improve communication skills. Our club is designed to work alongside the junior curriculum and help your daughter express themselves.

  • Musical Theatre club


What is STEM education?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM education builds technical knowledge that can be used later in life for a desired career path. The skills gained from STEM can be a great asset to your child's CV, building extra skills that won’t necessarily be taught inside the classroom. The focus on hands-on practical learning helps develop a variety of capabilities including creativity and teamwork. We provide some amazing STEM clubs including:

  • Lego/Knex invention and design club
  • STEM club


Art is a vital and vibrant part of the Junior School curriculum, and there are lots of co-curricular opportunities to get creative. Recent projects include whole-school participation in the Sheffield Young Artists exhibition, as well as The Bears of Sheffield, a public art initiative by the Children’s Hospital Charity. The girls have weekly lessons with a specialist teacher, in our facilities dedicated to art and design.

Art is a great way to embrace your child's creativity and expression. It can be celebrated as a fun hobby, or expand into a career path later in life. We offer:

  • Afterschool Art Workshops
  • Art and Craft club


  • Language Film Club
  • Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Board Games

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