Eight Year 11s and two Year 10 Art students attended 'Articulate' this week with our Head of Art, Mrs Andrews. The day was led by Professor Abigail Harrison Moore, Head of the School of Fine Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. Our students began their day with a tour of the galleries focusing on the Hockney and Davies exhibition with the lead curator and second-year Art students from the university. Following this, they worked in small groups using source material to conduct research about a given artwork. Their aim was to develop a group presentation which they would all contribute to delivering.

After rehearsing their presentations with staff from The Hepworth, the groups delivered their talks. Each group did incredibly well; they overcame their nerves, went out of their comfort zone and showed resilience, confidence, and creativity. The girls learned so much about how to look at works in a gallery, how to put their ideas together formally, and finally how to present to an audience.

“Even though I prefer realism art to abstract it was a great opportunity to enhance my research skills and find new methods to analyse an artwork thoroughly.” Juliette, Year 11 student.