Last Friday’s French Film Night was a triumph - thirty Year 3 to Year 6 linguists enjoyed an eve of French cinema and popcorn in the Junior Library together, getting a taste of the language outside the classroom.

The girls laid back for a screening of ‘A Cat in Paris’ (‘Une Vie de Chat’). An Oscar-nominated French animation released in 2010, it follows the story of a cat living a secret life as a cat burglar’s aide, who must come to the rescue of his owner Zoe after she falls into the clutches of a group of gangsters. The New York Times called it, “A gorgeous hand-drawn feature... Without being too frightening, it projects a sense of danger, both physical and emotional, that is more engaging than the high-pitched thrills of the domestic films.”

Everyone gave it glowing reviews - Hilly said, “I loved the plot and the plot twists,” and Ruby agreed, “It was very good. The film was a jaw dropper!”

Mrs Baker, Joint Head of Modern Foreign Languages in the Junior School, commented on organising the event, “I thought it would be a great way for the girls to increase their exposure to French and practise their listening skills, as well as enjoy an Oscar-nominated French animation. There is never time to do that sort of thing in lessons and there are so many wonderful foreign language films that have been released.

“We hope to show other foreign language films in the future since the first Film Night was a success!”