Last week, Year 8 pupils were lucky enough to be joined by Sheffield Girls’ alumna, Eleanor Hughes, who popped into their live Drama lesson. Eleanor studied Drama and Theatre at our Sixth Form, gaining an A* before leaving to study History at Lancaster University where she is about to enter her third year. 

Eleanor has taken lead roles in many musicals and joined the theatre company Three Left Feet, which specialise in using puppetry in their shows. In her live Google Meet, Eleanor showed pupils how to create a puppet from ordinary household materials such as a piece of newspaper, a yogurt pot, and a plastic bag. She taught the pupils the importance of breath and focus in puppetry and spoke about how puppets can be used to express ideas and communicate themes in theatre productions.

“I loved experimenting with many different and unusual shapes of puppets that we got to create ourselves and turn them into living things. I especially enjoyed working with the water bottle as it showed me how you can take an everyday object and turn it into something unusual and creative using your imagination.” Imogen, Year 8. 

A huge thank you to Eleanor for joining us, a true inspiration for future drama students!