Last week, fourteen of our Sixth Form students visited Arbourthorne Primary School, accompanied by alumna Dr Fran Yarlett, and Mrs Good to introduce Save a Heart Day. 

Save a Heart Day, an annual event founded by the British Heart Foundation, gave our Sixth Form students aiming to work in the medical profession, an opportunity to inspire Year 6s at our partner school. With the help of Dr Yarlett, the children learnt about the NHS, British values, and how to correctly perform CPR. They also explored the different professions within the NHS, beyond GPs and Nurses, with some even learning about Nephrologists! 

Afterwards, Dr Yarlett and our Sixth Form girls demonstrated how to perform CPR. The pupils were incredibly enthusiastic and enjoyed working with our team and learning about the procedure.

Jessica, a Y12 student, said she was impressed to hear all the children’s questions about working in the medical profession and enjoyed watching them learn CPR. She is also hoping to join the SHINE programme. Read more about the SHINE programme here.

Special thanks to Dr Yarlett for giving up her time to share her expertise, and to Mrs Good for organising and leading the trip.