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Sheffield High's Linguists are the bee's knees

Sheffield High School’s young linguists are indeed the bee’s knees, having won three semi-final rounds in a national foreign language ‘Spelling Bee’ competition and are now looking forward to competing in the national finals in March.

A party of High School girls recently represented the School at the semi-finals of the Girl’s’ Day School Trust (GDST) ‘Spelling Bee’ competition held at Central Newcastle High School. They had already qualified for this stage of the competition by successfully completing individual rounds in school.

One of the girls representing Sheffield High at the Newcastle event was Year 9 pupil Hooriya. “We were very excited, but nervous at the same time,” said Hooriya. “The excitement of being in a competition was very different,” she added.

“In Year 9 there were three Sheffield High girls participating for Spanish. Before the event we were given a total of 90 words to learn by heart. Then, individually, we were tested to see how many words we could spell in one minute. We worked as a team to get the total score of 38. When I was spelling, it was as if the letters were coming out automatically and after the results were revealed, I felt a sense of relief. I also felt very happy to have been part of the win, but I also know that without my team members this wouldn’t have been possible.”

“I will always remember my experience in this spelling bee,”, said Hooriya, “and hopefully we will do well in the national finals too.”

In Year 8 Spanish, the Sheffield High team won their semi-final round with a fantastic score of 47 points from Croydon High and Heathfield’s joint second place score of 36, while in Year 9 Spanish, the High School team again took first spot with 38 points against Howell’s School’s 36.

In Year 8 French, the Sheffield High School team came 3rd with 35 points against winners Howell’s School in Cardiff who amassed an amazing 55 points.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the regional round! For the finals, girls will now have to learn a further 50 words which they will be tested on, along with the 90 that they have already learned for the school and semi-final rounds.

From an original article by Hooriya.

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