This week, our Year 12 girls took part in a day packed full of team building fun to kick off their sixth form journey. Our friends at NCS and The Great Escape Room provided some fantastic activities to challenge the girls with the aim of getting them to get to know their new form tutor and peers. 

The day kicked off with a trip to The Great Escape Room in Sheffield City Centre where the girls undertook one of two challenges where they had to work together to solve a number of puzzles which, when solved, would lead to their escape. The teams were up against the clock but all teams managed to successfully break free! 

The NCS, came into school to host a number of activities for the girls, including the great balloon challenge! A great time was had by all as the girls ‘bounced’ ideas off one another and worked together to make balloon chairs which successfully held their nominated member of the team for 30 seconds! 

“All the activities were fun and allowed us to form new friendships and bond with the rest of the year group, resulting in the day being really enjoyable and memorable.”

Poppy Warburton, Year 12 student. 

“The induction day was a perfect way to get to know the people around us, whether they be new to the school or even if we've been with them from Year 7. I personally loved the escape room challenge in the morning as the time pressure context was definitely difficult but was all the better when we made it out!”

Sakshi Ju, Year 12 student

A big thank you to everyone involved in organising the perfect day to kick start which is certain to be a wonderful year! 

Successful escapees!