It’s all giggles at Sheffield Girls’ as an eight-week comedy course kicks off which is run and has been developed by Head, Mrs Gunson. The course is designed to build confidence in girls and includes how to deal with a ‘dead audience’ and hecklers. The course will also teach girls how to think on their feet, how to understand people’s responses, and how to learn that panic is their own worst enemy. 

Mrs Gunson said, “Lots of our girls do things like debating, public speaking but those things aren't for everybody, they have, I would say, they put off as many girls as they attract. They really do require a certain skill set and personality type to a certain extent. We wanted to diversify the different sorts of settings that girls could develop those same skills.” 

The course has sparked interest from national press including The Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mail. Take a look at the recent article in The Times here.