We had such a brilliant day on Friday 5 May, when forty girls and five staff went down to Wembley to watch the women's FA Cup final. The BBC showed the game live, but it truly would not have been the same experience that we had, with Mexican waves, and the amazing atmosphere of a record breaking, cheering crowd of 45,423 who packed out the stadium!

Football has really grown in school over the last two years and our teams are now competing at a local and regional level. The girls really enjoyed the atmosphere and were inspired by all of the players. We were reminded that anyone can play football!  It was so wonderful to see women's sport being celebrated by so many people.

The girls commented: ‘This trip was fun because not only did we get to watch professional football for the first time, but we got to enjoy it with friends and that just made the experience even more fun. We hope that other year groups get to experience this wonderful event and atmosphere.’

Miss Russell