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Year 3 pupils use poetry to share their lockdown experiences

Our Year 3 pupils recently spent some time exploring poetry by a variety of writers, looking at poetic devices and finally writing their own poems about their personal experience of lockdown. We were so impressed by some of the beautiful creative writing they have produced that we just had to share some of them with you. Fantastic effort Year 3!

Lockdown has come to town
Lockdown has come to town
So we all are stuck at home.
Lots of people started to moan,
Then my family had a bright idea
And it all became very clear.
Making lockdown fun!
We started to bake buns.
All around us became healthier.
And we are wealthier
Because we haven't got any shops.
We even have time to decorate pots.
There are lots of TV programs I can catch up on.
But I'm bored and can't wait to see my family and friends.

Sophie 3W

Lockdown life
Lockdown is a cage
So we are not allowed out
Lockdown is a cage
So we can’t see our friends
Lockdown is a cage
So we can’t see our family
Lockdown is a cage
So we’re getting very bored
Lockdown is a cage
So we are getting very sad
Lockdown is a cage
So we keep everybody safe
Lockdown is a cage
But animals run free
Lockdown is a cage
But we are saving the world
Lockdown is a cage
But I can still ride my bike
Stay home
Stay safe

Alana 3P

Lazy lockdown, lonely lockdown has arrived to save us,
As well as it protects us,
It may just affect us,
As coronavirus is the hunter, not lockdown, our saviour,
Lockdown has changed our habits,
It has made us different,
We have become more useful,
We are more of a refill,
And you must be careful,
Even though you miss your friends and family,
You must appreciate what lockdown is doing for us,
But it is a big fuss,
It’s about staying calm,
Like holding a kitten’s fluffy palm,
Always stay brave,
No matter what happens,
Help yourself,
By being positive.

Rishika 3W

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