Year 9 took a day off lessons this term to enjoy an Art & Design Day filled with workshops, talks from industry professionals, and a very stylish final challenge! The day is designed for the girls to learn more about the varied career paths that can stem from studying art. 

In the morning we welcomed a fantastic range of speakers including Abigail Harrison Moore, Head of History at Leeds University, Charlotte Jones, an Illustration graduate from Falmouth University and as well as our own Head of Careers, Carole Hall. The speakers gave the girls an insight into their career paths and why they enjoy their roles. We were also joined by two alumnae of Sheffield Girls, Holly Smith, currently studying Art and History at Leeds University and Amy Marsden, studying Landscape Architecture at Sheffield Hallam University. 

Pupils also got to put their skills into action during the workshops, where they learned how to make artifacts from paper. 

After an inspiring morning, the girls were ready to let their creativity run wild as they were tasked with designing and making a fashion collection using only recyclable materials. Each group was given a theme that included spring, summer, autumn, winter, air, earth, water, and fauna. After some fantastic enthusiasm and a whole lot of pinning/glue gunning, the groups were ready to grace the catwalk to showcase their creations! 

We were blown away by the creativity and effort the girls put into the challenge and it was great to see how much they all enjoyed themselves: “I thought Design Day was amazing - it gave me such a detailed and in-depth perspective of the different careers available in Design and Fine Art, and it was great to be able to work together to create some wonderful paper fashion!” Izzy, Year 9. 

Check out our highlights video below.