Early years education is a time of exploration and discovery... a time to prepare your little one for their learning adventure.

From March to June we are running a series of workshops for parents of 2-4 year olds to introduce some of the key areas of learning in pre-school education.

Sessions will take place at Snowdrops Pre-School, 266 Fulwood Road between 9.30-11.30am. All events are free to attend and open to all but please register in advance.

Focus on phonics: Friday 20th March

Join us for the first of our in-action days, Focus on Phonics and hear from our early years experts about how letters and sounds are taught, followed by the opportunity to have a go using specific resources to build early reading and writing skills.

Music making: Monday 27th April

Music is more than just making sounds and rhythms.  Listening to and playing music enables children to be more expressive of their ideas and feelings. This session will explore the way music is taught to young learners and how this builds into developing their skills in concentration, independence, and collaboration.

Numeracy knowledge: Monday 18th May

Numeracy learning does involve number recognition, order and place-value, but it also has an explorative and applied nature to it.  Our Numeracy Knowledge session is an introduction to how numeracy is taught in the Early Years.  Our youngest learners will have a host of opportunities to experiment with numeracy using specialist resources, ordinary items found throughout our homes as well as developing their language and vocabulary around numbers.  

Learning Spanish in Early Years: Friday 19th June

There are distinct advantages to learning a second language at an early age. Young children often seem to pick up new words and phrases effortlessly, in the same way they are developing their understanding of phonics and the English language. This session is an introduction to the teaching methods of learning Spanish in the Early Years and will highlight the importance of song, games and playing in learning and embedding a new language.  We will explore resources and show parents how to make learning a new language fun.