Sheffield Girls' celebrate outstanding GCSE results every year.

In 2019, the pupils and staff at Sheffield Girls' senior school celebrated outstanding GCSE results with over half of all entries awarded the top grades of A*/9/8.

GCSE Results (2014-2019)

Grades 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015



55% 46% 37% 38% 38%



74% 67% 61% 69% 75%



87% 82% 83% 91% 92%



98% 96% 95% 99% 98%

Over a fifth (21 per cent) of the year group achieved an amazing nine GCSEs or more at grades 9 or 8.

In nine subjects more than 70 per cent of results were at grades 9/8: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drama, French, Latin, PE, Music and Spanish.

Commenting on the results, Sheffield Girls’ Head, Mrs Nina Gunson, said: 

“These results are really remarkable. Not only have the girls achieved more than 50 per cent of their results at the highest grades, but this is the greatest proportion of top grades (9/8/A*) the school has ever achieved.

“The girls gained superb results in languages with over 95 per cent of results at grades 7-9 in French, Latin and Spanish.

“Results in STEM subjects were equally impressive with 90 per cent grades 7-9 in Biology, 100 per cent in Computer Science, 82 per cent in Chemistry, 75 per cent in Maths and 84 per cent in Physics.

“We are delighted for the girls who have worked so hard and been determined to do their best. Many have exceeded their expected grades. 

“Our Y11 are an amazing group of girls who have been so supportive of each other and approached their examinations earlier this summer in the same way they have approached everything in their school life – with positivity, resilience and self-confidence. We are so proud of each of them!

“I have been equally impressed by the wealth of co-curricular activities the girls have been involved in throughout their GCSE courses. It is hugely important to us that, in a society where teenage mental health is of such concern, we encourage our pupils to lead a balanced life with work and fun being combined. How the girls have managed to juggle all they do is quite remarkable.

“With such stunning results behind them, and as they approach sixth form study, so many opportunities are available to them for the future and the sky really is the limit.”