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Maria Novikova

'How effectively has UK Landmark Equality Legislation contributed to abolishing gender inequality compared to equivalent legislation in Iceland and France?'

For her EPQ, Maria compared and contrasted gender inequality in the UK, Iceland and France, with a focus on gender-equality laws and the gender pay gap. She felt a personal connection to the topic with her ambition to be a lawyer and took the opportunity to dive into tough questions, including whether a perfect legislative system exists and how society can truly be improved.


Why did you choose this project?

In my King's Pre-University Summer School course in Law, a topic raised by my professor was the inequality within the justice system. One of the facts that stuck with me was that as you work up the judiciary system to higher jobs, the proportion of women to men was more and more unequal. For example, although there is a 50:50 split between genders among solicitors, only one of the 12 judges at the Supreme Court is a woman. As Law is the career where gender injustice is most prominent and it is the career I want to go into, this aspect struck me, especially with the establishment of The Equality Act 2010 which should promote equality. Yet, even so, this act seems to be still failing women.

What sources did you use in your research?

I had used resources such as an interview with the WEP leader, Sophie Walker, which gave me her insightful opinion and facts about the topic as well as more direction into which laws in particular are important. Other sources I used included government and commission reports, government databases, academics' reports and evaluations, theses, books, news articles, and various websites. All of this helped me to have access to non-biased, knowledgeable and highly reliably information that allowed to create an overall supported and justified conclusion in my essay.

What have you learned?

I have improved countless skills during the EPQ including analytical, research and communication in my interview. Firstly, I have developed a concise and clear method of writing, being able to prioritise ideas. Over-writing is something I struggle with in a lot of my essay-based A-level subjects and this development will help me deal with this in my studies. Secondly, I have developed reading skills in being able to read through large amounts of information and data in an efficient and effective way. This will be very beneficial for me especially in university studying law as it is common to get large cases to read overnight.

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