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Yasmin Skelton

'To create and test the effectiveness of a book from which Junior School children can learn Mandarin Chinese'

For her EPQ, Yasmin chose to make an artefact, and created a book to help Junior School children aged 8 to 11 to learn Mandarin Chinese. This book was supported by research into effective language development using examples of similar books such as ‘Usborne First 100 Words in French’, and was edited with feedback from two practice lessons with the target market, a Year 3 and Year 5 class.


Why did you choose this project?

I love languages, and am currently studying French, Spanish and Mandarin at A Level, as well as religious studies. I feel this project will help me to understand the workings of Mandarin language better so that I can learn the characters more easily, as well as developing both my research and personal skills through doing the EPQ itself and showcasing my work. Chinese is also an increasingly important language to learn, primarily for business.

What advice would give to someone starting their EPQ?

1. Preparation. Start as early as possible, and set aside an hour a week outside of lessons to focus on your EPQ.

2. Process. The EPQ is a process, so it is important that you make this clear for your supervisor. I would advise drawing up a table to document when you have worked on your project, how long for and what you did.

3. Presentation. Take the time to put together a good presentation, as this is worth a substantial part of your overall grade. I found it useful to deliver a slide about the stages I went through in order to complete it, as well as including an evaluation of your project.

4. Production Log. This is where you can clearly demonstrate the stages and processes you have gone through in order to complete your project, so take your time to make it good.

5. Project. It is important that you pick the right project title for you, as this will ensure that your interest levels are maintained throughout the process as a whole.

What did you learn from it?

I think the project as a whole was a very valuable experience for me to be able to develop my confidence, by delivering my lessons and presentations. I think the 'mock' presentation was arguably the most effective confidence-booster throughout the whole project, as this was in fact filmed and is being used by my EPQ teacher across the GDST.

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