Harm Askes is Professor of Computational Mechanics. He left his native Netherlands in 2004 to take up his present post at the University of Sheffield. He was Head of the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering (2009-2017) and has been Head of Interdisciplinary Programmes in Engineering (2017-present).

Harm graduated as a Civil Engineer and holds a Ph.D. degree from Delft University of Technology (NL), but also obtained a Certificate in Psychology from Leiden University (NL). He is passionate about education and teaches structural mechanics to around 400 Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and General Engineering students per year.

Harm's daughters Sofia and Marina have been pupils of Sheffield Girls’ since Reception and are currently in Senior and Infant School, respectively.

Being in Higher Education himself, Harm cares greatly about learning and teaching. Serving the school as a governor enables him to give something back in appreciation of the school's vision, dedication, and enthusiasm of its staff.