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Sophie Parkin

Marketing Manager, Wentworth Woodhouse

Class of 2012

Tell us a bit about your career after leaving Sheffield Girls’?

I initially moved to York after completing my Masters and got my first job in education marketing at York College.

However, I wanted to move closer to friends and experience the ‘London life’ so moved to Epsom where I worked at City of London Freemen’s School and subsequently the Royal Automobile Club for the next 5 years.
A family bereavement and the pandemic made me re-assess where I wanted to be, so I moved back to Sheffield (with my partner and cat in tow) in October 2021 and started my current role as Marketing Manager at Wentworth Woodhouse.

As the Marketing Manager at Wentworth Woodhouse, arguably the most challenging and exciting regeneration project of our time, I create the organisation’s marketing strategy and marketing campaigns that include methods such as social media, website, print materials, advertising and much more. Wentworth Woodhouse is a really exciting place to work as there is so much going on and, with over 365 rooms, there’s certainly a lot to keep me occupied!

Why did you decide to take the career path you did?

I decided to pursue a career in marketing as it combines my interest in business with my natural creative flair. I love looking at marketing analytical data to find out more about customer habits in order to inform future marketing campaign strategies and see the measurable impact of my work on a business.

What advice would you give sixth form pupils at Sheffield Girls’ today?

Do what makes you happiest - that’s what truly matters!

Study the subjects you enjoy and don’t worry about deciding on your career path immediately... I was convinced I wanted to be a lawyer but, once I started studying Law at university, I knew it wasn’t for me. Believe in yourself and be your own biggest fan - if you think you can do it, so will everyone else!

What did Sheffield Girls’ do for you?

Sheffield Girls’ gave me the confidence to share my opinions and to speak out in difficult situations. There are ups and downs in the working world but I have never lost the ability to hold my head up high and stand up for what I believe is right and that is testament to my years at Sheffield Girls’.

Sophie Parkin

A Levels: History, English Literature, Government & Politics

University: University of Exeter, LLB Law (2.1)

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