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Producing Girls of Steel

Character Education at Sheffield Girls'

Growth Mindset

Education goes well beyond the classroom in our Infant and Junior School and our academic Fusion curriculum is underpinned by our unique Girls of Steel programme which incorporates the principles of the Growth Mindset with our six core competencies.

Our teachers interact with our pupils in a careful and considered way in order to maximise the opportunities to develop their growth mindset in support of their personal development.

During her time in our Infant and Junior School your daughter will become:


Persevering and being creative, especially when facing challenging situations.

A Risk Taker

Seeking out difficult challenges, stretching her level of comfort and trying new things.


Taking responsibility to use prior learning to make new connections and develop new strategies.


Thinking and working systematically and evaluating her progress.


Contributing to group work, being an active listener and influencing others positively.

Girls of Steel

In Year 3 and Year 4 our three core values of courage, positivity and kindness are explored through a series of activities, challenges and homework tasks as our pupils build their Values Awards Portfolios. 

During the year pupils add their work and records of their experiences to their portfolios and we take time each term to celebrate these achievements as a group. At the end of Year 4 our pupils who have lived our school values and explored each theme at school and at home are presented with their Values Awards. 

Moving into Year 5 and Year 6 pupils spend more time developing essential life skills and attributes which are transferable and will equip them well for the challenges of Seniors School. We focus on: 

  • Social skills 
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Understanding society
  • Valuing and respecting others 
  • Communication skills
  • Setting Goals
  • Decision making
  • Appreciating success and recognising mistakes

In their last two years in Juniors our pupils complete a minimum of 12 tasks, linked to our Fusion Curriculum core competencies: creativity; independence; morals and ethics; confidence; appreciation; and curious cognition.  Evidence of participation in these challenges, in school, at home and in the local community is updated in pupil portfolios. 

Successful candidates will receive the Girls of Steel Silver Award at the end of Year 5 and upon completion of a full portfolio covering all areas, our Year 6 pupils receive their Girls of Steel Gold Award. 

Our commitment to character education and personal development is supported by our dedicated approach to pastoral care within our small all-girl classes.  

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