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A Happy Place to Learn

Supporting Friendships

As one of the top primary schools in the region we pride ourselves on providing the guidance and pastoral support needed to enable our young learners to meet their full potential in a place where they feel safe, valued and nurtured.

In our all-girls environment, free from any gender stereotyping, we focus on the specific needs of each of our pupils, promoting creativity and ambition, and encouraging them not to set limits. From an early age we challenge our pupils, and they challenge us in return. They know they can do and be anything they want, from journalists to artists,  engineers to astronauts. The sky is quite literally the limit!

We deliver lessons in purpose built spaces within small groups allowing teachers and staff the space and time to get to know each pupil individually. We build support structures, as needed, on a case by case basis to help guide our pupils successfully through their time in primary school, whether they need additional academic support, reassurance and confidence building, or support with friendships.

We take time each week to celebrate achievements and praise good behaviour and place a great emphasis on developing our pupils’ moral, social and cultural awareness. In our Infant and Junior School our priority is that each girl is happy, fulfilled and confident and can eventually head into Senior School with kindness, courage and positivity at heart. 

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