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Why choose Sheffield Girls’?

Join one of the top independent girls' schools and be part of a thriving school community 

Our Mission and Aims

Our aims

  • At Sheffield Girls' we aim to nurture a love of learning and curiosity in our girls that encourages them to explore, question and challenge.
  • We want our girls to be confident, to flourish and be ready to take their place, and make a difference, in an ever-changing world.
  • We want our girls to be proud! Proud of themselves, proud of each other, proud to be forged at Sheffield Girls'.

"Teaching her everything so she can be anything"

We are committed to ensuring that talented and academically gifted girls from all backgrounds have access to an education at this school, a top independent girls' school. We ensure that these opportunities are available through providing bursaries and running an active outreach programme.

Our Values

We have three school values: Positivity, Kindness and Courage.

We want our girls to be positive. Positive in the way they approach their learning, positive in the outlook on life, positive in their aspiration for the future.

We want our girls to be kind. Kind to others, kind to themselves, kind to the world they live in.

We want our girls to have courage. Courage to stand out from the crowd, courage to speak up for what is right, courage to push herself that little bit further.

Our Approach

The school's approach also reflects the values of the Girls’ Day School Trust. These are:

We always put Girls First. They are the focus of everything we do.

We are Fearless. We act and speak with conviction and commitment and we are not afraid of thinking differently.

We are Forward-thinking. We stay ahead through purposeful innovation.

We are a Family of schools. We support each other and share our learning across our unique network.

The power of an all-girls education

Schools like ours are able to offer a learning environment dedicated to girls' learning needs and preferences, an environment where girls can establish their own identities attitudes and self-worth free from gender stereotypes during those crucial formative years. 

We support young women becoming brave enough to ask a question in a board meeting, lead a large team, or to disagree with the views of others. We equip our girls with the strength to try, and fail, and try again

We firmly believe that girls' education has never been more important, because it has a purpose and a unique position in a world that can only benefit from the contribution these girls will make to a better future for us all. 

Read Mrs Gunson's opinion piece on the power of an all-girls education. 

See us in action