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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care of our students is of paramount importance. Our Pastoral Support structure in the Sixth Form is designed to provide our students with the best foundations for success.

Supportive environment

Our girls support each other. In our Sixth Form, our students celebrate each other’s successes, and they are surrounded by positive, caring and inspiring role models and experts. Sixth formers can become prefects or part of the Head Girl Team in Year 13, and become part of a larger ecosystem that encourages positivity, supportiveness and friendship across the school. 

Induction into Sixth Form

From day one, we support our students to feel confident and comfortable coming into the Sixth Form. 

We ensure all our incoming sixth formers are prepared. New pupils will experience taster days, induction events, and clear communication from Sheffield Girls’ that focuses on integrating new sixth formers into their A-Level studies with ease. Induction includes an IT introduction, a tour around the Sixth Form Centre, and information on how the school works. Current students start thinking and talking about their future Sixth Form life with other pupils and staff months before they start Year 12.

All our Sixth Form students will meet the heads of Year 12 and Year 13 as well as the Head of Careers, to understand how to access the pastoral support structures in place. They’ll also take part in orientation trips outside the school. They will fill their timetables with their chosen A-Levels, enrichment modules, co-curricular activities, leadership opportunities and more, with the odd moment set aside to relax and socialise!  

Tutoring and mentoring 

It’s important to us that our sixth formers are emotionally supported, making progress, achieving targets and engaging with the Sixth Form community. Our staff will get to know our pupils well and understand them as individuals. The Pastoral team understand the unique pressures many of our Sixth formers might feel and  ensure each student has access to the support they need, at the time they need it. 

Physical and emotional wellness

Good health and happiness are a priority in our Sixth Form. Our students have full access to our excellent facilities, including the Fitness Suite, and common room kitchens in the Sixth Form Centre. They can also access further support from our dedicated School nurse and School Counsellor whenever they might need it. Co-curricular activities - like team sports, music ensembles, drama clubs, and Social Justice Society - all allow our students to become more well-rounded, confident and sociable people who are ready for the transition to university and life beyond Sixth Form.

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