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GCSE Results

Sheffield Girls' celebrate outstanding GCSE results every year.

In 2020, the pupils and staff at Sheffield Girls' senior school celebrated outstanding GCSE results with 61% of entries awarded the top grades of 9/8 (A*).

GCSE Results (2016-2020)

Grades 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016



61% 55% 46% 37% 38%



80% 74% 67% 61% 69%



90% 87% 82% 83% 91%



99% 98% 96% 95% 99%

Commenting on the results, Sheffield Girls’ Head, Mrs Nina Gunson, said: 

“I am so proud of this year group and their amazing set of results. It’s been a very challenging year for our 2020 GCSE students but they are a resilient and fearless cohort and we are sure they will go on to achieve great things in their Sixth Form years. The students have worked incredibly hard and shown such a positive attitude and we’re confident they are well equipped to enjoy a smooth transition onto the next level of their education.”

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