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Learning Support for Infant and Junior Pupils

What is a learning support team?

Our learning support team work to ensure our pupils have the necessary skills to succeed in education and their personal life. Our specialist Learning Support team Mrs Bates, Miss Holmes and Mrs Godbole, are a crucial part of ensuring the full integration and inclusion of all pupils in the life of the School maximising their learning potential.

Students with Special Educational Needs/Disabilities or Additional Learning Needs (SEND)

At Sheffield Girls’ we want to ensure that all our pupils achieve their potential through the removal of barriers to learning and participation.

In the Infant and Junior School, we provide 1:1 and small group intervention for pupils who need additional support, this can be academic or pastoral. We also drop into lessons to check in with pupils on a regular basis and we have a team of Year 12 volunteers who are ‘Reading Buddies’ for our younger pupils.

Our Learning Support Hub, based in the Junior School building, is a place where pupils feel welcome and supported both academically and emotionally. 

How do we identify a student who may require additional support?

We use a variety of sources to help us identify pupils with additional learning needs, and who may require the help of our learning support team including:

  • Information from parents about existing learning difficulties
  • Teacher observations
  • Information from previous educational settings

In addition, we support our pupils to feel confident and comfortable to approach us if they feel that they may have additional learning needs.

Pupils who need specialist support with their learning include those with the following types of learning difficulty, all of which can be supported at Sheffield Girls’:

  • Specific Learning Difficulties, e.g. dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia
  • Emotional, behavioural or social difficulties, e.g. ADHD or ASD
  • Speech, language and communication needs
  • Sensory and physical difficulties

Staff are provided with pupil profiles for all pupils who have an additional need. This indicates the areas of challenge for those pupils and gives strategies for the teachers to follow to ensure that each individual’s needs are met.

How do we work alongside parents/carers to support a child's needs?

We know that students thrive when there is a strong partnership between us and their parents and carers. At Sheffield Girls’ we value the knowledge parents have of their children and use this to enable us to work in partnership with them to provide effective learning support. We will always inform parents of any concerns we have and discuss fully any action we feel is necessary.

Further Information

Download a copy of our SEND policy.

To ask about our Learning Support, please contact us. 

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