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Extended Project Qualification

One thing that sets us apart from many Sheffield sixth forms, is the opportunity to work on an EPQ. The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is undertaken in Year 12 and aims to link A-levels with the skills pupils need at university, encouraging them to study independently and produce their own research investigation. It is widely supported by universities and can be used as part of a university application.

There are two main routes for the EPQ: one involves carrying out a research project of 5,000 words, and the other is to create an artefact, which can be anything ranging from a short story, a fashion item, a film, a piece of artwork, robots or websites, together with a 1,500 word report detailing the process of putting the artefact together.

Given that most students choose to do three A-level subjects, the EPQ is an opportunity to broaden academic interests or pursue artistic or musical interests from earlier stages in school life. Most importantly, the EPQ gives pupils the chance to study something they feel really passionate about, with flexibility and freedom.

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