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Sheffield Girls' Junior School provides an excellent education with outstanding pastoral care, and is one of the best primary schools in Sheffield.

We provide our pupils with leading primary facilities and an educational platform that they can build on as they progress through their school years. Our curriculum engages children with core subjects such as English, Mathematics and Science as well as encouraging pupils to further develop their creativity, inquisitiveness and ability in sport, music, art, drama and technology.

We understand the importance of developing your daughters moral, social and cultural awareness throughout her primary education and that our support, encouragement and praise are paramount to this.  

At Sheffield Girls’ we believe that children learn more effectively when they are happy in their surroundings and our leading pastoral care is the key to ensuring this. Every member of staff has a pastoral role with the pupils that they interact with.

Our pupils are at the heart of everything that takes place at the school and we believe that the girls’ personal development outside of the classroom is just as important as their primary education inside the classroom. That’s why we offer a range of music, dance, sports, and other activities for students during and after school.

Our high level of planning, structure and leadership allows your daughter to seamlessly progress from one year to the next and is part of what makes us the best primary school in Sheffield.

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