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Encouraging Early STEM Engagement in Junior School

Recent findings by The Guardian have highlighted a concerning trend: over half of British girls report lacking confidence in maths, a crucial component of STEM education. This finding aligns with broader concerns outlined in the GDST Girls' Futures Research, which suggests girls across the UK face significant hurdles in STEM fields due to confidence issues. At Sheffield Girls’, we are proud to offer a vibrant and engaging STEM curriculum, as part of a longstanding commitment to inspire and empower our students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

We aim to spark a deep, enduring interest in STEM, preparing our students to become curious learners and problem-solvers.

Sheffield Girls' STEM Education: Building Confidence and Capability

Our approach to addressing the challenge surrounding girls in STEM is multifaceted; intentionally designed to foster confidence, curiosity, and capability in our students from an early age:

  • Early Engagement: understanding the crucial role early exposure plays, we introduce our students to STEM concepts in Junior School, laying a strong foundation for future learning and exploration.


  • Real-World Applications: we connect classroom learning to real-world problems, showing students the tangible impact of their STEM knowledge. Projects like the Makers School Design Thinking Challenge allow students to apply what they've learned at schoolin meaningful ways.


  • Partnerships and Projects: collaborations with World Educational Robotics (WER) and LEGO robotics offer our younger pupils  hands-on experiences with programming and coding, making STEM subjects accessible and exciting. These initiatives directly contribute to building the confidence that The Guardian article indicates is missing at a national level. 

Addressing the Confidence Gap With Girls in STEM: Insights and Actions

The GDST Girls' Futures Research provides additional context to the issues highlighted by The Guardian, offering a deeper understanding of the barriers that girls face in STEM. Armed with this knowledge, Sheffield Girls' has developed targeted strategies to enhance our STEM curriculum, ensuring it's not only comprehensive but also confidence-building:


  • Role Models and Mentors: we introduce students to inspirational female role models in STEM, offering mentorship opportunities that connect learning with real-life success stories.


  • Celebrating Achievements: our students' achievements in national robotics competitions and innovative STEM projects serve as testament to the effectiveness of our approach, showcasing the possibilities that arise from a supportive and engaging STEM education.


Version 1: Pioneering a Brighter Future in STEM

At Sheffield Girls', we hope to help reverse the national STEM confidence challenge by embedding a robust STEM curriculum that begins in Junior School and extends through Senior School. We're not only addressing the immediate need for confidence in maths and science but also paving the way for future generations of female leaders in STEM fields.

In light of the findings from The Guardian and the GDST Girls' Futures Research, our mission has never been more important. Join us as we continue to inspire, empower, and prepare our students for the exciting world of STEM, ensuring they're not just participants but pioneers in their fields.

Version 2: Bright Futures in STEM at Sheffield Girls'

At Sheffield Girls', our STEM journey is not just about lessons; it's about lighting up a path for our students to become leaders and innovators. Our recent submission for the 'Best Use of Technology' at the TES Awards 2024 shines a spotlight on our vibrant approach to STEM education, a testament to our dedication to empowering our students with confidence and skills in technology and beyond.

Our curriculum, woven with exciting projects in robotics and digital learning, is designed to make every girl Sheffield Girls' feel capable and inspired. From Junior School onwards, our students dive into a world where technology meets creativity, leading to incredible achievements that extend well beyond our school gates.

What Sets Us Apart:

Our nomination highlighted our unique blend of technology integration across the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and partnership programs. Here’s a glimpse of our approach that makes us stand out:

We nurture Confident Digital Citizens, preparing students and those from our partner schools to excel in the digital age. Our success is visible in our STEM academic results, the expansion of our Primary Robotics HUB, and the enthusiastic participation in STEM clubs.

Our students and staff celebrate successes in national competitions like the Bebras Computing Challenge and First Lego League, reflecting our innovative use of technology to enhance learning.

Our Mission in Action:

'Teach her everything so she can be anything' – this mission drives us to offer a hands-on Robotics STEM Curriculum and a wealth of opportunities to explore real-life scenarios. We are dedicated to fostering a love of learning and the skills needed to thrive.

Our commitment to integrating technology doesn’t stop with our students; it extends to our staff and partner schools, ensuring that the Sheffield Girls' experience is rich, forward-thinking, and inclusive. Our participation in the TES Awards underscores our ambition to not just participate in the future of education but to lead it.

Explore Sheffield Girls' STEM Education

We invite parents, students, and educators to discover the impact of Sheffield Girls' STEM programmes. Through our open days and school visits, we offer a glimpse into how we're making a difference, one confident, capable girl at a time.

Contact us today to find out more about our independent girls’ school in Sheffield, or sign up to an event here. 

Nina Gunson 


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