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A Bumper Turnout for the Junior School Gardening Club

We had a bumper turnout of enthusiastic volunteers for our first ever gardening event on Wednesday 10 May for the Junior School. The sun shone on the workers as they weeded, pruned, planted and watered the school gardens. A huge thank you to everyone who came and helped to make our school look its best. It was great fun!

We had expected that perhaps 10-15 parents may volunteer but we ended up with 65 parents and children!  The response was overwhelming and, talking to parents, this was something they really would like to be involved in more often.  

There was such a buzz - a lovely atmosphere - and it gave everyone a chance to catch up and meet new people whilst doing something that has really helped to improve the school grounds.

Mrs Puddephat, who organised the event said: ‘We had so many jobs that needed doing and we only have half an hour a week in Gardening Club to tackle them, so we were faced with a mountain of things that needed to be done and not enough manpower and time.  I love gardening so I thought it would be good to see if parents here would like to do something similar.’  

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