As part of their tourism topic in Geography, Year 9 enjoyed a sunny(ish) trip to Scarborough to answer the hypothesis that the town is a ‘honeypot’ for tourism and it has had both positive and negative impacts on the area. Working in small groups, the girls carried out tourist questionnaires, environmental quality surveys and a land use transect along the seafront of South Bay. 

As well as gaining some interesting insight into the effects of tourism, the girls enjoyed seeing the sights including the harbour and the brightly coloured beach huts dotted along the coastline. 

Lydia Drabble, a Year 9 pupil said: “I really enjoyed the Scarborough trip because it helped me with my confidence when going up to people and asking them questions on our survey. I also really enjoyed getting to spend more time with my friends and I thought it was really educational and enjoyable, I would love to go there again!”

Back at school they will input all their questionnaire results into a Google Form so each class can access the shared results which they will use to produce a project on tourism in Scarborough.