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Chatsworth Art Out Loud Festival

At the end of September, A-level Art students Emily Puddephat, Neha Ray, Hannah Patrick and Becky Holder in Year 12, took part in a really inspirational, challenging and rewarding day at the Chatsworth Art Out Loud Festival with Mrs Andrews & Ms Senior.

The girls attended two talks, one with world renowned American sculptor Jedd Novatt in conversation with Chelsea Art College lecturer Jo Melvin on the subject of  ‘Must art give satisfaction - and for art to be good must it satisfy?’ and one with British designer Jasper Conran in conversation with Lady Burlington, discussing his varied and exciting career in fashion, homewares and theatrical design.

They also took part in a drawing masterclass with Jedd Novatt and explored the Beyond Limits monumental sculpture exhibition.

Neha Ray described the day: “During our visit, we were lucky enough to attend a masterclass by the artist Jedd Novatt. In the workshop, we learnt how to do blind drawings, which are done without lifting the pencil from the paper or looking down at the drawing at any time. It was a far more difficult task than it sounded, but for the most part we were pleasantly surprised by the resulting drawings of the glass and the model Joe, and the different way of working we'd learnt.”   

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