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Electro-Acoustic Composition Day for Year 5

Girls from Mrs Pooley’s class in Year 5 were lucky enough to be chosen to be part of an electro-acoustic event at the University of Sheffield in November. Along with pupils from St Theresa's, St Joseph's and Rainbow Forge schools, they learned how everyday sounds could be manipulated to create music.

Helped by the University staff, the girls began to find out about electro-acoustic music and took part in creating an electro-acoustic composition.

They first of all recorded sounds in school (everyday sounds) and then used ‘Audacity’ audio-editing software and the University’s sound equipment to edit these sounds and make them ‘electro-acoustic’ in nature. They also recorded a poem called "This is the car of..." by Pie Corbett.

They then performed their poem ‘live’ with the soundscape of their electro-acoustic music playing behind the performance.

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