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Meet the 2020 BiG Challenge Teams!

The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition open to all secondary school students and college students in Sheffield. Every year we have a range of budding entrepreneurs in Year 9 who, individually or in teams, start and grow businesses with an initial £25 investment. Over a six-month period they aim to increase the value of the business by as much as possible through teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship. Let’s take a look at the 2020 teams!


Comprising pupils Ellen, Isbah, Lily and Chuxuan, Team Hearty was born out of Ellen’s lockdown activity of making jewellery for her friends and family. Their business has three strands, handmade jewellery (Hearty), stationary (Smarty) and homemade, personalised cupcakes (Tarty). The ambitious quartet have worked hard on their business model and quickly established each of their roles within it. The team are keen to give back 

Check them out at 


Advent Calendars with a twist! Forget your usual chocolate treats, Adventables (made up Eleanor, Manya, Daria, Annie and Priyanka) focuses on consumer wellbeing and have developed advent calendars filled with pampering goodies including face masks, bath bombs, lip balms and more. Adventables, who cater for all dietary requirements, hope to sell their customisable calendars all year round, with a focus on gifting for birthdays and celebrations. 

Check them out on Instagram @_adventables_ 

Get up and glow

Get up and glow is a team whose primary goal is to spread positivity and encourage relaxation in the midst of a challenging year. Sonny, Olivia and Aurelia sell a range of homemade soaps and candles, all made using eco-friendly ingredients. All of their products come pre-wrapped, have beautiful scents, colours and shapes. They are perfect for gifts for all the family!

Take a look at their website here:

Sugar and Smiles

This is one for those with a sweet tooth! Jomana and Daisy, AKA, Sugar and Smiles, sell a decadent range of flavoured, homemade chocolates in different shapes. They are available to buy in varying quantities and are packaged up in beautiful gold bags. This team has even developed a loyalty card scheme to reward their repeat customers. A few of their most popular flavours include caramel, biscoff and raspberry.

Check out their Instagram: @sugar_n_smiles1

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