One of the Year 9 BiG Challenge 12 teams ‘Geomuttric’ is leading the pack for this year’s competition, being awarded second place overall with the bonus prize of Best Use of Digital Resource at the Crowne Plaza Royal Victoria on March 21st.

The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition where pupils aged 11-19 form and operate businesses with the objective of making as much profit as possible in five months. The challenge is designed to encourage entrepreneurship, leadership skills, teamwork and creativity from a young age. Any profit can be used to fund the business, be kept by the team or donated to a charity of choice: Geomuttric decided to give 20% of all profit to Helping Yorkshire Poundies to save dogs from death row.

The team beat out ruff competition with their handmade geometric art of a variety of dogs, printed on coasters, keyrings and displayed in frames aimed at pet-owners who love their pooch. Their success was set from the beginning, with Geomuttric winning the BiG Challenge 12 Flying Start award for making exceptional progress rapidly after the start of the competition.

To also win the Best Use of Digital Resource award, Geomuttric cleverly used social media to market their product. Most notably, their Instagram business page @geomuttric gathered 201 followers over the course of the competition, and is regularly updated with fresh designs, competitions and new business ventures such as their cat-themed range of products aptly named ‘Geomiaowtric’.

Millie and Anya of Geomuttric commented, “We had a great time at the BiG Challenge 12 awards last week. We are thrilled to have won best use of digital resource and second place of the whole competition. The BiG Challenge has been an amazing opportunity, and running Geomuttric has been incredibly fun. We will be continuing Geomuttric, so if you would like to order, then it is not too late!”