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Professional theatre makers run devising workshop for Drama students

Our Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils, and our Year 12 A-Level Drama and Theatre cohort, all participated in a fabulous workshop on Tuesday 1st February. The session was run by professional theatre company The Paper Birds, who specialise in devising and creating performances with a sociopolitical agenda. 

The pupils first talked about their current devising projects as part of their classes, and then were walked through a series of tools and techniques designed to support and stretch their performances. Thinking about devising stimuli, working on movement sequences, and then sharing work for feedback are all important skills to practice for their final performances. 

Head of Drama, Keeley Morton, said, “Bringing in professionals to run workshops for our students is important, because having different voices help them think differently about the projects they’re working on.

The Paper Birds are brilliant - we’re lucky to run this workshop with them annually - they know the curriculum and spec, so they’re able to drill into the specifics and support our pupils more effectively. The pupils’ pieces change for the better after their workshop with Paper Birds.”

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